Get to know our polish partners from Kraków:

The Vistula river next to Wawel castle in Kraków

I`m Barbara, so called youth worker, although I am a bit of everything: project coordinator, youth trainer, consultant, mentor, fundraiser, researcher, educator, Director of Association Europe4Youth, based in Kraków.

I work with a bunch of nerds focusing on alternative education methods, such as eduLARPing, gaming, but also doing more serious staff like youth policy, youth information, youth media, civic education and many other things that young people need.


The most exciting project that is coming in the calendar of Europe4Youth is sex education Training Course for youth workers, during which we share tools and methods, learn various approaches on sex education from different countries and then implement them all in a massive youth exchange in the summer. Looking forward to explore this field and drop some of it into the Polish school system.
Yes, I should add, I am a professional dreamer 🙂

More private stuff about me:
My favorite food is…colourful! Whatever it is, if it looks flashy I’ll eat it. My favorite places are connected with the best memories I have, so probably Czorsztyński Lake next to the village I grew up in (Frydman, Polish mountains, highly recommended), Vistula River next to Wawel Castle in Kraków where I used to skip lectures, Warschauerstrasse pubcrawling path in Berlin, Berlin in general, Bologna, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Tbilisi…OMG my life is beautiful! So for some balance – my worst nightmares are learning German, officiousness and chewing noises.

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